What happens during consultation?
The specialist will listen to your likes and dislikes about Styles and colours. You will then try on a range of suitable styles and fittings. Once you have chosen the Style you feel comfortable in, you then choose the colour. Your consultant is also there to advise.

When do I take the wig home?
If we have the Style in the right colour in Salon Stock then you can take it home on the day, if not 7-10days the longest to wait.

Do wigs need cut?
Acrylic wigs do not usually require many alterations.  However, our Stylists are specially trained to cut both acrylic and real hair wigs. For fringe trims and minor alterations we do not charge if you purchase the wig through us.  Real Hair alterations can cost anything from £50 - £100.

Can I bring a Friend?
Yes. We ask you to bring no more than one person because we feel that too many voices/opinions in the room can be confusing for the client.