The Nail technicians at Sabrina & co have a selection of Nail treatments to choose from to benefit all clients.

For traditional manicures and pedicures we choose Jessica, a well-known natural nail care company. Our nail technicians are fully trained to use the full range of Jessica products, to give your nails a full pampering experience.  From preparation of your hands with cleansers, exfoliators and masques, through to nail and cuticle care with phenomen Oil, Nail nourishment and nail hydration.

Geleration is our Gel-like System for longer lasting polish that also protects the natural nail. Your favourite Jessica Colour in a Gel Polish that lasts up to 3 weeks. The formula itself is a mix of resin and polymer combinations. Can be used on toes too. The extra advantage of Gels- You leave the Salon with completely dry nails!

The beauty of Sabrina & co is that we are able to make sure you can be pampered on any time limit. You can opt for a 15 minute file & polish, a manicure while your hair is styled, or a 90minute pedicure on our massage chair. Nail care in Harpenden have never been so easy.

New! Phenom Polish

A phenomenal evolution in Polish. Dries in natural light with a Gel like Shine Finish. lasting up to 7days. Removes easily like polish with 24 colours to choose from. All of our manicures & pedicures now include tis polish.

Wednesday Offer: Gel Overlays JUST £18